Sample Letter Of Request For Assistance
3 May 2014 - If a person is in need of assistance for whatever reason it is best to begin with a letter of request for assistance. This letter explains to the person to whom a person is writing why they deserve help from that particular organization. A sample letter of request for assistance shows how to do this effectively. The Writer’s name and address The Date Name of the person to whom the letter is being written plus organization name and address. Dear name of person: Re (regarding): Request for tuition assistance [An explanation for why the writer is writing to the reader is where the letter for request for assistance should begin. The purpose also needs to come quickly so that it does not take too long for the reader to grasp why he or she has received this letter.] My name is [insert name here] and I am writing to request tuition assistance from your organization. I was referred to your organization by [if there was a referral address that person by name here] who believed that you could be of help to me. [Tell the reader why you are worthy of being singled out o... continue

Sample Letter Of Invitation
8 June 2014 - 215 George Avenue Albany, Georgia 31708 March 2, 2011 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jordan, As vice president of the Good Neighbor Society, I would like to extend this invitation for you and your family to join us for a neighborhood picnic and Bar-B-Que. As neighbors, we need to take every opportunity possible to get to know each other and find ways to make our neighborhood better. The Good Neighbor Society is a group that was formed in 1985 as a way to keep the neighborhood friendly and safe. Helping one another in any way possible is our main goal. The society formed a neighborhood watch a few years ago when crime began to rise in our city and has had an outstanding performance record. You will learn more about us at the picnic, where John Wells, the president of our society will give an informative speech to let newcomers know of the existence and processes that we set forth. We will also be offering new membership to anyone who is interested in helping with our efforts. Our neighborhood is growing so fast, that it seems impossible to keep up with all of our new families. We w... read

Sample Letter Of Intent For Graduate School
28 March 2014 - The Importance of a Good Letter of Intent for Graduate School Professionals often want to enroll in graduate school for different reasons. Some of them want to study for career advancement, while others just want to hone their skills. However, these reasons are not the only ones that are taken into consideration by the college or university they aspire to study at. They also want to know about the applicant in a personal way since they do not only consider a person’s academic achievement but also the way he deals with people around him. So how do administrators or faculty members of a desired department decide whether a person deserves to study in their institution or not? What they do is request the applicants to write a letter of intent or statement of purpose along with their application forms. It makes the application more intimate and precise. It is intimate because it informs them about the personality and interests of the applicant. It is precise because it clearly specifies information about the achievements and experiences of the applicant in relation to his... more

Sample Letter Of Recommendation From Employer
21 May 2014 - Composing An Employment Letter of Recommendation Getting the right job is very important to growing a person’s career. In order to find the right company that you would like to work for you might have to change jobs several times before finding the right one. If you leave your job the proper way, which means putting your two weeks’ notice in, and properly training the new employee that will take your place, you should be able to get an employment letter of recommendations. This letter will come directly from your current employer and it will be addressed to your prospective employer. As an employer there are several ways that you can properly format this letter. You want the letter to have a proper style to it instead of poorly constructed one. Start off by putting the name of your company at the top left hand corner. Underneath your company name you will put your company’s full address, which will include the street address, city, state and zip code. Next you will put your company’s phone and fax number. Next you will go four spaces down and put the name of the c... more

Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship
11 May 2014 - To Whom it May Concern: I am writing this letter to offer my sincerest recommendation in favor of STUDENT NAME as a recipient of SCHOLARSHIP AWARD. In the years I have known this student, it has been my privilege to watch him grow in three areas that exemplify his worthiness of the honor you'd bestow. First of all, STUDENT NAME has grown academically across a wide range of disciplines appropriate to his educational level. Although he has subjects in which he excels to a greater degree than others, he has maintained a balance among the various areas of study, truly exemplifying the academic liberal arts goals at this stage of the educational process. I believe the success in this area has instilled the necessary foundation to ensure ongoing achievement as specialized education gradually replaces general education. A second aspect of my experience with STUDENT NAME that leads me to believe him to be an ideal candidate for your scholarship is the breadth of extra-curricular activity in which he has been active during his educational career. He has participated in various non-co... read more


Sample Letter Of Recommendation From Employer
Composing An Employment Letter of Recommendation Getting the right job is very important to growi...

Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship
To Whom it May Concern: I am writing this letter to offer my sincerest recommendation in favor of...

Sample Letter Of Resignation
Composing Your Letter of Resignation Making the decision the quit or resign from your job is a di...