Sample Letter Of Character Reference
13 February 2015 - Before writing a character reference letter you must determine what is involved in doing so. There are key points that need to be implemented to write a successful character response letter. Whether the character response letter is for a job, academic program or a court-related letter there are fundamental tips to follow to ensure a successful response. Here are six facts needed to write a successful character response letter regardless of its purpose: 1. Describe how you know the person you are backing. Including details about your relationship to one another gives the reader an idea of the person’s character. Doing this in several sentences is acceptable. An example of this would be: John Smith and I have been friends for 10 years. We met through mutual friends and had an instant chemistry. He is very responsible and reliable as a friend and also as a worker. He is loyal to all who know him and takes his responsibilities very seriously. 2. When writing your letter use a three-part format. The first paragraph can be an introduction where the reader learns about you, the w... read

Sample Letter Of Condolence
6 April 2015 - A well-written condolence letter is not only a tribute to the dead, but a source of courage and comfort to the living. Unfortunately, many people do not know the essence of writing a good condolence letter. The following guidelines on how to write a thoughtful condolence letter do not represent a set of rigid rules, but rather a way of expressing your sympathy, feelings, love and concern in well-written communication. • Acknowledge the Loss If the person you are writing to is not the one who informed you about the loss, it is advisable to note it down on how you came to learn about the news. This is a perfect opportunity to show your shock and dismay at hearing about the death. Through this, you will be able to set the tone of the letter. It is also advisable to mention the name of the deceased. • Express Your Sympathy Always express your grief sincerely. Using sympathetic words will show the grieving person that you care, and you are also in pain for their loss. It is also very important, to be honest. Do not be afraid to state what caused the death, even if it is suicid... read more

Sample Letter Of Complaint
28 January 2015 - Sometimes a product or service does not meet the expectations of the consumer. The product may be sub-standard or service personnel may have been inexperienced, inefficient or simply rude. When these circumstances occur it is in the consumers best interests to file a letter of complaint to the offending company. A properly prepared letter of complaint can help to quickly resolve any issues that you may have. By following the simple techniques laid out here writing the letter can become a simple matter. 1. A letter of complaint should include all of the writer’s relevant contact information. This includes name, address, contact phone number and an e-mail address. This will allow the receiver to respond to the complaint in a timely manner. 2. For the beginning of the body of the letter the writer should keep their statements simple and to the point. There needs to be a brief description of the product or service. When and where the purchase was made along with the original price need to be included in this area. Follow this with a statement of the problems with the purchase. Wh... continue

Sample Letter Of Interest
15 February 2015 - A letter of interest is a letter that someone sends to a business or company that let's them know that they are interested in their company. Letters of interest are sometimes sent when a person has interest in a company, but that company may not have a job opening at the moment. A letter of interest should explain to a particular employer that the job seeker is interested in the company and why they are interested. The letter should also tell the business owner what kind of skills and experience the letter sender has. When writing a letter of interest to send to a business owner, it is important to make the letter look as professional as possible. That means the letter should be structured in a way that makes a business owner think that the job seeker made an effort when crafting the letter. If a business owner thinks that a person did not put considerable effort into a letter, then they may not take that person's letter of interest seriously. Early in the letter, the job seeker's reason for writing the letter could be made known to the business owner. If there is a specific jo... read

Sample Letter Of Reference
27 January 2015 - At one time or another, someone you know may ask you to write a reference letter for them. This individual may be a student, co-worker, employee or friend who is seeking perhaps a job, internship or volunteer position. Here is some information to help you create an effective letter to help them obtain that position. Begin by introducing yourself in the first few lines of the letter. Don’t provide your entire life’s biography, simply provide a little bit about what your relationship with the individual is and what your position is (this can be one or two sentences). Tell about how you got to know the person and about how long you have known them. State those specific skills and qualities that make this person extraordinary, particularly if they relate to the job or position that the person desires. For instance if the individual is hoping to obtain an internship at a drug rehabilitation facility, list all the qualities you have witnessed in them such as possessing great communication skills, empathy, trustworthy, patient, dependable or has great leadership skills. If you wer... continue

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