Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship
31 January 2015 - Sample Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship A Sample Letter of Recommendation for scholarship should be held in the same regards as a Letter of Recommendation. It should be specific to your relationship to the student and include a detailed, honest appraisal of their abilities. According to an admissions officer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, (2014) "a really great recommendation makes the person jump off the page and really come alive. I feel like I know them...If I walked into a room, I could almost pick out this person." To write a strong sample Letter of Recommendation, follow these expert tips. Know When to Say "No" Your letter will be the model that the selection committee will use to contrast the student against other applicants. Therefore, it is imperative to write a strong Letter of Recommendation (Tolar & Bauer, 2015). To write a strong letter requires a detailed scholarly and personal background, which will be impossible to achieve if you are not familiar enough with the student beyond just recorded grades. According to Tolar & Bauer, other factor... continue

Sample Letter Of Resignation
5 February 2015 - Writing a letter of resignation is the cornerstone when you decide to move on from the current position you held in a company. This is because a lack of proper acknowledgment can totally destroy your chances to move without hassles. With that in mind, below are some tips to include when writing a resignation letter. Tip 1: Be Positive While most people do not approach their resignation subject with ease or enthusiasm, it is essential to make sure that your letter does not reflect your inner thoughts. So set aside any negative feelings you have towards the company. Once you put this idea in action, you will then be free to concentrate on what should go into that letter, knowing that you are prepared to counter any replies that will follow later. Tip 2: Make it Simple You will begin with simple, brief and focused matters for the resignation letter. Identify key elements that you want to mention, such as reason for your resignation, your last day in the company and most of all, make sure to appreciate your time in the company. For more ideas, review sample letters of resigna... continue

Sample Letter Of Request For Assistance
18 December 2014 - There are many reasons why one may need to write a letter asking for assistance. Letters of assistance are often written by persons or organizations seeking funding or support from another person or fellow organizations. Letters of assistance are also written to acquire information, directions, or opinions on a particular subject or project. Always provide clear and current contact information in your letter. For example, your name or the name of the organization you are representing. Always include current email addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers and also the hours you may be conveniently contacted. It is always a good idea to include the name and contact information of someone is knowledgeable about your request and who may be reached in the case of your absence. Immediately state how you need to be assisted. It is important to be as clear and concise as possible. It should be easy for your reader to immediately understand the purpose of your letter. For example, if you are seeking funding state that you are requesting funding. If you are seeking information state that ... more

Sample Letter Of Invitation
18 January 2015 - Invitation letters are normally crafted to invite guests to an event or celebration. An invitation letter should strictly follow proper sequence and contain only the pertinent information. The information should be clear and concise to avoid confusion. The broad categories of invitation letters are formal or business invitation letters and informal invitation letters. Under these categories, we have job invitation letters, wedding invitation letter, business event invitation letter, invitation to attend a fundraising event and party invitation party among others. Below are tips on how to write a sample business invitation letter and an informal invitation letter. Business invitation letter Business invitation letter is used to formally invite peers and clients to an event organized by a company. The content of a business invitation letter varies, depending on the event in question. When writing a business invitation letter: • Begin by adding the sender’s introduction by including the name of the inviting host, his or her position in the company and name of the inviting compa... continue

Sample Letter Of Application
1 February 2015 - Get the Job with a Great Letter of Applcation When searching for a new job, don’t skip the letter of application. The letter is the most important part of the application process. It is important that you create a new letter of application for each job prospect. It gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, tell why you are interested in the position and, most importantly, why you are the right person for the job. The letter should be specific to the duties and qualifications that are outlined in the job description. Introduction To start the letter of application, you will need an effective introduction. This is the place for you to ‘hook’ the reader, whether that is a hiring manager, human resources staff, or your next boss. The first paragraph should properly describe your mission statement and act as an elevator speech of sorts. In a few sentences you will want to state the position that you are applying for, why you are interested in that position, and provide a short explanation of where you are coming from. This statement should match the key points of the... more

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Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship
Sample Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship A Sample Letter of Recom... read

Sample Letter Of Resignation
Writing a letter of resignation is the cornerstone when you decide to move ... read more