Sample Letter Of Reference
10 September 2014 - Reference or Recommendation... How to choose What IS the difference between a letter of reference and a letter of recommendation? It's very difficult to know, sometimes, when you need a letter of reference and when you need a letter of recommendation since there is no definitive list anywhere of when to use which. Sometimes either one could serve your purpose. Sometimes one can serve the purpose of the other. But maybe this simple tutorial will be of some help. A letter of reference is useful when you are applying for a job or a course of study. It is used more often when one is making a lateral career move or trying to get a promotion in your specific field. It almost always accompanies an application to some paying position and would come from a direct supervisor. It would attest to the abilities witnessed directly by said supervisor and it's purpose would be to serve as proof that you posses the skills and abilities you claim to posses. An example of this would be a line-chef applying for the position of sous chef. If he were very skilled, not just at cooking and presentat... read more

Sample Letter Of Support
29 July 2014 - The purpose of a letter of support is to convince another person that it is worth their while to give money to fund a project. This type of letter will have to be very persuasive because organizations receive several requests for funding in a single day. In order to be the one chosen to be the recipient of the funding the letter has to stand out as unique and represent the goals of the other organization. In order to let the organization know that their goals and the ones of the person writing the letter are the same is to tell them in the very first paragraph. The introductory paragraph will explain what the project is all about. Then a couple of paragraphs should added which help the reader understand why the writer is the one seeking the funds. This is where the writer will clarify how he or she is associated with the project. For example, if the project is to research an issue and the writer is the one who will be performing the experiments then the body of the letter is where the writer will make this clear to the reader. After the project has been described then it is cus... more

Sample Letter Of Request For Assistance
21 September 2014 - If a person is in need of assistance for whatever reason it is best to begin with a letter of request for assistance. This letter explains to the person to whom a person is writing why they deserve help from that particular organization. A sample letter of request for assistance shows how to do this effectively. The Writer’s name and address The Date Name of the person to whom the letter is being written plus organization name and address. Dear name of person: Re (regarding): Request for tuition assistance [An explanation for why the writer is writing to the reader is where the letter for request for assistance should begin. The purpose also needs to come quickly so that it does not take too long for the reader to grasp why he or she has received this letter.] My name is [insert name here] and I am writing to request tuition assistance from your organization. I was referred to your organization by [if there was a referral address that person by name here] who believed that you could be of help to me. [Tell the reader why you are worthy of being singled out o... read more

Sample Letter Of Invitation
5 September 2014 - 215 George Avenue Albany, Georgia 31708 March 2, 2011 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jordan, As vice president of the Good Neighbor Society, I would like to extend this invitation for you and your family to join us for a neighborhood picnic and Bar-B-Que. As neighbors, we need to take every opportunity possible to get to know each other and find ways to make our neighborhood better. The Good Neighbor Society is a group that was formed in 1985 as a way to keep the neighborhood friendly and safe. Helping one another in any way possible is our main goal. The society formed a neighborhood watch a few years ago when crime began to rise in our city and has had an outstanding performance record. You will learn more about us at the picnic, where John Wells, the president of our society will give an informative speech to let newcomers know of the existence and processes that we set forth. We will also be offering new membership to anyone who is interested in helping with our efforts. Our neighborhood is growing so fast, that it seems impossible to keep up with all of our new families. We w... read more

Sample Letter Of Resignation
22 August 2014 - Composing Your Letter of Resignation Making the decision the quit or resign from your job is a difficult one. Employees struggle with the decision for weeks if not months, carefully weighing out all of their options. It is a life altering decision and it is one that should not be taken lightly. Changing jobs every year or every two years will not look good on your resume because future employers will want to see many years of tenure with one employer and if they see that you change jobs frequently they will be less likely to hire you. However, if you are not happy at your current employer for reasons of harassment, discrimination due to race or gender, or if there is no room for growth or salary increases, then you need to move to a company where these things will not happen to you. Writing a respectful and detailed resignation letter is very important. Even if you are the victim of harassment or discrimination you still do not want to use inappropriate language. However, you do want to make sure that the reason for your resignation is clear. If you are resigning from you... continue

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