Sample Letter Of Reference
23 November 2014 - Reference or Recommendation... How to choose What IS the difference between a letter of reference and a letter of recommendation? It's very difficult to know, sometimes, when you need a letter of reference and when you need a letter of recommendation since there is no definitive list anywhere of when to use which. Sometimes either one could serve your purpose. Sometimes one can serve the purpose of the other. But maybe this simple tutorial will be of some help. A letter of reference is useful when you are applying for a job or a course of study. It is used more often when one is making a lateral career move or trying to get a promotion in your specific field. It almost always accompanies an application to some paying position and would come from a direct supervisor. It would attest to the abilities witnessed directly by said supervisor and it's purpose would be to serve as proof that you posses the skills and abilities you claim to posses. An example of this would be a line-chef applying for the position of sous chef. If he were very skilled, not just at cooking and presentat... read more

Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship
15 November 2014 - To Whom it May Concern: I am writing this letter to offer my sincerest recommendation in favor of STUDENT NAME as a recipient of SCHOLARSHIP AWARD. In the years I have known this student, it has been my privilege to watch him grow in three areas that exemplify his worthiness of the honor you'd bestow. First of all, STUDENT NAME has grown academically across a wide range of disciplines appropriate to his educational level. Although he has subjects in which he excels to a greater degree than others, he has maintained a balance among the various areas of study, truly exemplifying the academic liberal arts goals at this stage of the educational process. I believe the success in this area has instilled the necessary foundation to ensure ongoing achievement as specialized education gradually replaces general education. A second aspect of my experience with STUDENT NAME that leads me to believe him to be an ideal candidate for your scholarship is the breadth of extra-curricular activity in which he has been active during his educational career. He has participated in various non-co... read more

Sample Letter Of Authorization
5 December 2014 - When To Write A Letter Of Authorization A letter of authorization is useful in several different situations. The purpose is to authorize some action to be taken sometimes by a person other than the one who has written the letter of authorization. At times a letter of authorization is written to give permission to someone to perform some sort of work. Below are descriptions of how the letter of authorization can be useful. In the event that someone would like to authorize another person to perform an action that he or she ordinarily takes they may need a letter of authorization. For example, a mother may be the one who picks her kids up at their daycare facility on a daily basis. The mother may be unable to do this for a time and needs another family member to do this daily duty. The mother will need to write a letter of authorization stating that she is giving permission to the family member to pick the children up at the end of the day. Another reason that people need to write authorization letters is to release medical records. Laws require that patient medical records be... read more

Sample Letter Of Interest
5 January 2015 - Mr. Rizzo Ralph 222 Everyday St. Lake Shore, USA 00000 Mr. Jiminy Cricket Production Supervisor All Day Suckers, Inc. 555 Sucker Ave. Mt. Chocolate, USA 11111 Subject: Entry Level Position Dear Sir; May this informal introduction serve two purposes; the first, to acquaint yourself with the author, and secondly to summarize the skills possessed in the industry of confections that would benefit your company. Having trained in a culinary school in Europe in 1985 and employed as a pastry chef for a period of five years at the Gardens Restaurant in New York, the successes achieved while under their employ prompted the desire in establishing a business of my own. Unfortunately the opportunity was not realized and my employ with the restaurant continued until recently. A colleague mentioned All Day Suckers, Inc. during a conversation concerning other venues to explore in the confection industry. His recommendation was sighted through the knowledge of friends that are employed there. The history of All Day Suckers is impressive, with a staff of over 250 confectioners indi... more

Sample Letter Of Recommendation From Employer
12 December 2014 - Composing An Employment Letter of Recommendation Getting the right job is very important to growing a person’s career. In order to find the right company that you would like to work for you might have to change jobs several times before finding the right one. If you leave your job the proper way, which means putting your two weeks’ notice in, and properly training the new employee that will take your place, you should be able to get an employment letter of recommendations. This letter will come directly from your current employer and it will be addressed to your prospective employer. As an employer there are several ways that you can properly format this letter. You want the letter to have a proper style to it instead of poorly constructed one. Start off by putting the name of your company at the top left hand corner. Underneath your company name you will put your company’s full address, which will include the street address, city, state and zip code. Next you will put your company’s phone and fax number. Next you will go four spaces down and put the name of the c... continue


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