Sample Letter Of Authorization

When To Write A Letter Of Authorization

A letter of authorization is useful in several different situations. The purpose is to authorize some action to be taken sometimes by a person other than the one who has written the letter of authorization. At times a letter of authorization is written to give permission to someone to perform some sort of work. Below are descriptions of how the letter of authorization can be useful.

In the event that someone would like to authorize another person to perform an action that he or she ordinarily takes they may need a letter of authorization. For example, a mother may be the one who picks her kids up at their daycare facility on a daily basis. The mother may be unable to do this for a time and needs another family member to do this daily duty. The mother will need to write a letter of authorization stating that she is giving permission to the family member to pick the children up at the end of the day.

Another reason that people need to write authorization letters is to release medical records. Laws require that patient medical records be kept confidential which means that one doctor’s office cannot hand over their patients’ medical records to another doctor’s office even if that office will be treating the patient. The first doctor’s office needs to have written permission from the patient to send copies of the records to the subsequent medical office.

Anytime anyone wants to give another person permission to accept responsibility for anything a letter of authorization can be employed. Sometimes people are not able to handle their own affairs. This happens when someone has a serious illness and is admitted to a hospital. It can also mean that a person is no longer in charge of their mental faculties. Before this happens people can write a letter of authorization giving a designated person permission to take over control of their everyday responsibilities.

Times also exist when people need to do a study for one reason or another. An example is a problem in a hospital. When the administration at a hospital has discovered that a problem exists for which they have a solution they must present evidence of this to the people who can make the decision to implement the solution. They need to do a study to demonstrate the problem and how the stated solution will help but first they will need to receive permission to perform the study in a letter of authorization.


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