Sample Letter Of Intent For Graduate School

The Importance of a Good Letter of Intent for Graduate School

Professionals often want to enroll in graduate school for different reasons. Some of them want to study for career advancement, while others just want to hone their skills. However, these reasons are not the only ones that are taken into consideration by the college or university they aspire to study at. They also want to know about the applicant in a personal way since they do not only consider a person’s academic achievement but also the way he deals with people around him.

So how do administrators or faculty members of a desired department decide whether a person deserves to study in their institution or not? What they do is request the applicants to write a letter of intent or statement of purpose along with their application forms. It makes the application more intimate and precise. It is intimate because it informs them about the personality and interests of the applicant. It is precise because it clearly specifies information about the achievements and experiences of the applicant in relation to his or her profession as well as the goals that he wants to achieve by enrolling for graduate studies.

In order for a person to accomplish the task of writing an effective letter of intent for a certain college or university, one must know the points that need to be emphasized.

The first thing that a letter of intent should contain is the purpose. Those who will read the letter will look for the reasons why their college or university was chosen by the applicant and what program of study he or she wants to apply for. Then they would want to know what their objectives are in taking up graduate studies so that they would be able to accept him in the community.

The next important thing after the purpose is the complete overview of the applicant’s work experience and of skills and abilities he has acquired from it. This paragraph will inform the readers of what the applicant has already accomplished and how his accomplishments will help him fulfill the requirements of the department he wants to study at.

Lastly, the letter must also include the long term goals that the applicant wants to achieve by taking up graduate studies. These goals will help direct the readers to what the applicant really wants to do if ever he gets accepted in the college or university. The letter must be concluded by recalling the main points and by restating the applicant’s interest in pursuing his desired program of study.

It is good to be brief and straight to the point. An applicant needs to be focused on any questions that the department has requested him to answer. The letter should be intimate but not to the point of using informal language. Excessive information about things that are too personal should be avoided. The applicant should remove unnecessary details to stay within the required number of pages for the letter.

Here then is a sample letter of intent for graduate school that will help an applicant write effectively:

Return Address

Date of the Letter

Dr. Veronica Patterson
English Department
St. Penelope University
Boston, Massachussetts

Dear Ma’am/Sir:

I am writing to you this letter to express my interest to take up graduate studies in your department. I have been aspiring to be part of your department for a long time now since I am aware that it provides the best education and environment for both graduate and post graduate students.

I aim to pursue a degree in English Education in your university because I have graduated from a degree in Secondary Education, which is related to the post graduate degree that I want to take up. I believe that your university is one of the best schools that I have encountered since it offers courses that will enhance my prior skills and help me to have more experiences in teaching the English language.

Since I graduated, I have been working as a teacher for both high school students and adult learners. I have taught non native English speakers in a non-formal education class in a community college for three years and taught junior high school students in a public high school for three years as well. These work experiences taught me patience, perseverance, and alertness. I have dealt with students with various backgrounds; therefore, it helped me to become more flexible when it comes to my teaching methods. I also became more creative in coming up with ways to inspire my students and help them achieve their long term goals. The personal qualities and the skills that I have acquired will surely aid me in fulfilling your requirements and hopefully increase the chance of securing a place in your institution.

If ever I am chosen as a graduate student in your school, I will continue to work hard to reach my long term goals in life. These goals include career advancement, improvement on teaching strategies and attitude, and contribution to the teaching community. I will work hard to achieve these goals not just for my own sake, but for the sake of my students and community. I want to use what I have learned to improve my current condition and if permitted to, I want to be part of your department’s faculty to pay you back for the opportunity you have given me.

I am grateful for having this chance to apply as a student in your university. I know that in your university, I will be able to achieve my goals and enrich my knowledge to improve my skills further.

Respectfully yours,

Andrea Williams
Secondary high school teacher

This sample letter of intent for graduate school and the tips that came before it will greatly help increase chances in getting accepted for a post graduate degree. These will lessen the applicant’s anxiety and increase their level of confidence.

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