Sample Letter Of Request For Assistance

If a person is in need of assistance for whatever reason it is best to begin with a letter of request for assistance. This letter explains to the person to whom a person is writing why they deserve help from that particular organization. A sample letter of request for assistance shows how to do this effectively.

The Writer’s name and address

The Date

Name of the person to whom the letter is being written plus organization name and address.

Dear name of person:

Re (regarding): Request for tuition assistance

[An explanation for why the writer is writing to the reader is where the letter for request for assistance should begin. The purpose also needs to come quickly so that it does not take too long for the reader to grasp why he or she has received this letter.]

My name is [insert name here] and I am writing to request tuition assistance from your organization. I was referred to your organization by [if there was a referral address that person by name here] who believed that you could be of help to me.

[Tell the
reader why you are worthy of being singled out of all the letter writers to be given tuition assistance. This is not the place to sound overconfident.]

I have worked hard throughout
high school to maintain a high grade point average in order to be accepted at the University of my choice. I have also been involved in many extracurricular activities which include volunteering at the local YMCA.

[This is where the writer will express to the reader how hard the journey will be for him or her in the future.]

I am aware that there will be many challenges to
face in college and one of those is the financial cost. For this reason I am looking for a way to offset those costs with some extra financial assistance. I work hard at whatever I have to achieve and the person who decides to help me fund my dream of going to college will not regret having done so.

[This is very important. Some organizations like to have initial interviews before they begin to consider giving someone assistance.]

Within the week I will call you to set up an interview to discuss this matter further. If in the meantime you would like to know more about me please feel free to call me at [phone number].

Thank you for your time in considering my request for tuition assistance. I look forward to speaking with you.




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